This is my final project for this class. This is a video project of certain parts of my neighborhood that I grew up in. Areas such as Canarsie Pier, Canarsie Park, Flatlands, and etc. I made a video of my neighborhood because there are not a lot of stories about it. I would here multiple stories about areas such as Bed-Stuy, Crowns Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, Brownsville, and etc. However, rarely any documentation of Canarsie, with the exception of Pop Smoke, a rapper from my neighborhood that was shot and killed in California.

To obtain some of the footage for…

Here is a video project that I did at Prospect Park. I was able to try different camera/video angles of different areas of the park. It was very fun to film a place that I work at and visit frequently. It was also a little challenging to do as well.

One issue that I definitely had was making the camera still. I wish I had a tripod to actually make sure that the camera wasn’t shaking too much. Especially how I am trying to film certain aspects of prospect Park.

Another issue would be some of the shots. The Bank shots are harder to do because I have to film between spaces of inanimate objects. There was also the fear of accidentally getting extra people within some of my shots. I have to be very careful with that.

Brooklyn neighborhood map.

I created an interactive map to practice my UI Design. The purpose of the design is to make a website more interactive and easier for people to navigate through. From this first try, I was able to make a design of different neighborhoods that I travel to the most. Specifically, Canarsie, Flatbush, East Flatbush, Brownsville, and Prospect Park. I want to let people know what is in these areas.

My experience with this assignment was very rough. Especially how Adobe Xd kept on crashing on me. I had to back track throughout the whole process of texting and typing. As well as figuring out how to connect each page back to the map of different neighborhoods. It was difficult, but, I was able to figure it out. Here is my final design.

Here is an updated version of my Scorpion poster. I wanted to update it by adding a small animation for it. Specifically, in this case, adding fire around Scorpion, to show his powers: the manipulation of fire.

It took me a while to do. First, I found a fire gif and opened it in photoshop. From there, I deleted some frames because it gave me too many frames to work with. I deleted it from 30 frames to 10 and I decided to copy and paste those 10 frames onto the poster. …

Here is my bouncing ball project.

My bouncing ball project was a success. I really wanted to take a little time with it, to see how to do it. Originally, I wanted to do a bouncing ball animation across the page. However, I decided to change my mind and do an up and down bouncing ball animation. The reason was to make it seem like the ball was dropped from one spot.

The process took a little bit of time to do. On photoshop, I used the ellipse tool to draw me a decent sized ball. From there, I opened up a timeline for my animation…

Here is my updated logo design. I decided to change it from the previous design, as I was having a lot of difficulty making the logo resemble the 90’s. In addition, it really looked bad, resulting in a logo that looks poorly made, and dull. I really wanted to remake something that I really like. In this case sports.

So what I did was find a football, because I like to play, and talk about American Football. For my logo, the message is sports media. Specifically, American Football media, and place that in the middle of the picture. Then, I…

Here is my second try at this depth of field assignment and placing them together into one. So, one definite change that actually helped me with the assignment would be the sunlight. The previous assignment before was done at night and I should’ve reconsider that, as it is harder to take pictures at night. As well as getting the best quality for them.

Anyway, I used three different pictures for this assignment. I used a picture of me at a bowling alley, a street within my neighborhood, and a stop sign. Again, the sunlight helped me get great quality pictures…

So I decided to try and update my poster, as well as add elements to it as well. I am personally still trying to figure somethings out with this poster, as I feel like something new needs to be added to this poster. Again, I made a few changes to the poster in order to make it look a little different. Hopefully, you guys and girls enjoy it.

In the original poster, I had placed Scorpion in the middle of the poster. However, one criticism that I got from the poster was that it doesn’t fit in the middle of…

Here is a picture of Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat movie trailer.

After long hours trying to do the poster, I have finally created the perfect poster (somewhat). The poster was made in honor of the new Mortal Kombat movie that is coming out this year. It isn’t the first movie for this franchise, as the first movie came out in 1995. It was not good at all, however, it did try to pay respect to the franchise. Hopefully, this new movie edition will be a huge improvement for the franchise.

Anyway, for the poster, I wanted to gather various elements from the original franchise, as well as place one of the…

Here is a picture of a logo that I tried to make on photoshop. I was having a very difficult time with this logo due to the software crashing a few times. In addition, the original vision that I had for this project, did not come into reality because of how hard it was to do. Especially since I am still new to photoshop and how some of the functions are hard. I will definitely try to develop on my logo design skills.

Tyrell Ingram

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